5/30 Update Notice

29 May 2024
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LUNA MOBILE will be released in:

2024/5/30 (Thu) 09:00~12:00, a total of 3 hours

Shut down the server for system maintenance and update jobs!


↓↓↓The contents of this update are expected to be as follows↓↓↓



■Weekend Login Event (6/1-6/30).

 ᄂLog in every Saturday and Sunday to get additional event rewards

■7.14.30 Day Login Event Reward Update

 ᄂ7 days login (6/1-6/14).

 ᄂ14 days login (6/1-6/23).

 ᄂ30 days login (6/2-7/1).

■Look for SODA II (6/1-6/30).

 ᄂ Fight monsters to drop DJ SODA's love items, and after reaching a specified amount, you can make DJ SODA's chests, and open them to get random event rewards

■ Drop Rate Party (6/1-6/30).

 ᄂEvery Saturday/Sunday 10:00:00~23:59:59

 ᄂ Doubled the drop rate of fighting monsters in the general field and PK maps

■ Gold Coin Bonus (6/3-6/30).

 ᄂSpend a designated amount of coins during the event period to get an extra 30% gold rebate




 ᄂ Battlefield success

 ᄂSharp Spear II

 ᄂSturdy Shield II

 ᄂThe Red Law III



■ New Bundles have been added - Comprehensive Value Packs

 ᄂAfter purchasing, you can get the following items [Diamond x250, Topaz x250, Gold Coins x1000000, Premium Pet Summoning Coupon x5, Premium Riding Pet Summoning Coupon]. x5, Premium Outfit Voucher x5].

■ Pet summon chance is doubled (Candy Mochi, Chocolate Mochi, Cookie Mochi) (5/31-6/7).



■ Some enhancements have been made to display the required gold coins

■The maximum cooldown value is not indicated in the character information window

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