4/11 Maintenance end notification

11 Apr 2024
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All adventurers have been waiting for a long time!

Today's routine server maintenance and update work has been completed~

Please log in to the game to continue your adventure

Update and maintenance compensation: Damage Prevention Prayer*2, Goddess’s Certificate*2, 300,000 gold coins

#Gift code information integration

The LUNA update commemorative serial number usage period is 4/11~5/11 (each account can only be used once)

LUNAUPDATE (Advanced Weapon Reinforcement Stone*10, Advanced Armor Reinforcement Stone*10, Advanced Accessories Reinforcement Stone*10)

LUNAPLAY (gold coins*150000, Luna’s prayer book*2, Luna’s support*2)

KOREALUNA (Gold Coin*100000, Luna’s Prayer*1, Carmon’s Advanced Appraisal*1)

LUNADREAM (gold coins*100000, goddess’s certificate*3, injury prevention prayer*1)

LUNA live main serial number usage period 4/11~4/30 (each account can only be used once)

LUNAET (Large Magic Potion*1500, Large Stamina Potion*1500, World Broadcasting Loudspeaker*20)

LUNAWD (gold coins*50000, World Broadcast Loudspeaker*20, flying movement spell*50)

LUNAMM (Highly concentrated stamina potion*1000, Highly concentrated magic potion*1000, World Broadcasting Loudong*20)

LUNALM (gold coins*50,000, highly concentrated stamina potion*1,000, highly concentrated magic potion*1,000)

LUNADW (gold coins*50000, large magic potion*1500, large physical potion*1500)

LUNAEL (highly concentrated stamina potion*1000, highly concentrated magic potion*1000, flying movement spell*50)

LUNAXJ (gold coins*100000, Qiao An’s prayer book*2, Qiao An’s support*2)

LUNAXW (Gold Coin*100000, Luna’s Prayer Book*2, Luna’s Support*2)

#Add updated content

Ranking in the top 10 based on level will get additional bonus effects.

(When the ranking changes, the bonus effect will also change)

No. 1: Physical attack 5%, magic attack 5%, attack speed 5%, movement speed 5%

No. 2: Physical attack 4%, magic attack 4%, attack speed 4%, movement speed 4%

No. 3: Physical attack 3%, magic attack 3%, attack speed 3%, movement speed 3%

No. 4: Physical attack 2%, magic attack 2%, attack speed 2%, movement speed 2%

No. 5: Physical attack 1%, magic attack 1%, attack speed 1%, movement speed 1%

6th to 10th place: physical attack 0.5%, magic attack 0.5%

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