5/16 Update Notice

15 May 2024
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Hello adventurers,

The server is expected to undergo routine maintenance and update operations on 2024/5/16 (Thu) 09:00-12:00, the maintenance time will be adjusted according to the actual operation situation, during the maintenance period, you will not be able to log in to play the game, and will not provide related services such as stored value and transfer points, the boot time will be announced separately, please pay attention to the announcement information, thank you!

The details of this update are as follows


#The battlefield of world glory

World Glory Battlefield Bosses will continue to appear!

After successfully killing a Battlefield Boss, all members of the server will receive rewards, and then they can move on to kill the next Battlefield Boss.

The bosses that appear will get stronger and stronger, adventurers! Are you ready?


#New power-ups

- Added fishing wait time reduction item


#New goods

Pastoral Pack

  - The mercy of the earth, the whispering wind, the rippling waves of water x140

. Premium Pastoral Pack

  - The mercy of the large earth, the large whispering wind, and the large rippling water waves x360

. Buff Potion Pack

  - 500 Super High Concentrated Stamina and 500 Mana Potion

  - [Event] Extreme Crystallization x1, [Event] Blood Desire x1,

  - [Event] High Concentration Wind Elixir x5, [Event] Deadly Elixir x5

  - [Event] 5 each of Ainaro, Ejebra, Giant, and Elf

  - [Event] 9 buff effect cards 5 each

Gold Topaz Pack

  - Topaz x1,000, Gold x2,000,000

Best-selling packs

  - 10 each for Luna's support, Goddess's certificate, [Event] Carmon's Advanced Certificate, and Luna's Prayer

Tallintes' Growth Support Pack

  - 6 Talintus' Prayer Book, 6 Talintes Essence, and 6 Luna's Support

Spring picnic outfits


#Bug Fixes

- Improved animation issues when switching from automatic to manual movement

- Improved animation issues when summoners use Transfiguration skills

- Fixed the issue that some text was displayed in bold

- Fixed the issue that some copies were displayed in local time

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