4/25 Update Notice

24 Apr 2024
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Hello adventurers~

The server is expected to undergo routine maintenance and update operations on 2024/4/25 (Thu) 09:00-12:00, the maintenance time will be adjusted according to the actual operation situation, during the maintenance period, you will not be able to log in to play the game, and will not provide related services such as stored value and transfer points, the boot time will be announced separately, please pay attention to the announcement information, thank you!

The details of this update are as follows

◈ Game system

1. Added the function of automatically joining a party

- You can choose to create a public party, join a party automatically, or create a private party

- Automatically join the party

>>Public Party: Automatically join a public party and move the leader's channel

>>Unpublished Party: Create a new public party

>>If you are 10 or more different from the captain's level, you will not be able to join the party automatically because you cannot gain XP

- Create a public party: You can invite other players to join your party, or you can join automatically

- Create a private party: Only players can be invited to join a party

2. Drop rate adjustment

- General Field Maps: 5% increase

- Item Dungeon Monsters: 5% Increase

- General equipment for wild bosses: increased to 20% (50% for unidentified equipment).

- When killing a boss in the wild, 100% of the player who deals the highest damage will receive an unidentified item (instead of 100% getting a random item).

- When killing a boss in the wild, the drop rate of other participating players: items is increased, of which 50% are unidentified items

- When fishing, the probability of obtaining aquatic products increases; Crafting material gain chance decreased

3. Add new collections

4. Blocked player messages are not displayed in the dialog

5. Added some item descriptions

- A potion for the novice defense

- A potion for a novice attack

- Testimonial of the Goddess

- Vlach's ordinary testimonial

- Carmon's high-level testimonial

- Joan's blessing

- with other crafting materials

◈ Shops

New items are on the shelves

- There are 5 types of bundles

- SODA Pet Summon: 1 type

- 1 type of SODA costume exchange

- Exchange for 1 Legendary Cloth Costume

◈ Bug fixes

Occasional incorrect number of people in the family diagram >> feature has been fixed

◈ Activities

RS Pet Synthesis Activity

-Event Period: 5/6-5/13

*Please check the announcement for event details*

The above is the content of this maintenance update

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know

We take the gaming experience very seriously for all adventurers

The game content will be continuously optimized and bug fixes will be fixed

Adventurers are also invited to continue to support LUNA: Mobile

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