5/23 Update Notice

22 May 2024
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"LUNA MOBILE" will be held on 2024/5/23 (Thu) 09:00~12:00, a total of 3 hours

Shut down the server for system maintenance and updates!


↓↓The content of this update is expected to be as follows↓↓

◈ New class - Assassin

  ᄂAssassin crafting equipment is now available

◈ Some monster sprites have been partially corrected

◈ Fixed the abnormal display of game time > some players

  ᄂ Confirm the correctness of the entry time marker for each copy

◈ Fixed that it could not be moved to other maps when hunting automatically>


Event Updates

The Assassin profession is open

  ᄂ Time-limited login event (5/25 - 6/30, 5/26 - 6/30).

  ᄂ Assassin Strategy Recruitment Event (5/24 - 6/3 23:59).


⚠️ You will not be able to log in to the game during the maintenance period, please forgive me for any inconvenience caused!

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