4/11 Update Notice

10 Apr 2024
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Dear adventurers~

The server will undergo routine maintenance from 09:00 to 12:00 on 2024/4/11 (Thursday). The maintenance time may be adjusted based on actual operating conditions. During the maintenance period, you will not be able to log in to play the game, and no storage will be provided. The launch time for value and transfer points and other related services will be announced separately, so please pay attention, thank you!

The following content will be added after this maintenance

◈Game system

① Chat level restrictions

② Added clothing decomposition function

③ Add S and RS level pets/riding pet summoning stones

④ Increase the intensity of infinite tower rewards

⑤ Increase the appearance frequency of wild bosses

⑥ Modify the monster fragment icon

⑦ Modify express box display information

⑧ The dual sword master equipment production function is now available


① Added 4 new gift packages

② Add 1 MyCard exclusive gift package

③ Add S and RS level pets/riding pet summoning stones to ensure you get the goods

④ Add luxury complete sets of clothing to ensure you get the goods

⑤ Add products with reward points

◈bug fixes

① Fixed the issue where if you equip a collection with 6 items and equip the 6th item, you will find that the collection failed after logging in again.

② Fixed the issue where the character occasionally disappears when riding a pet.

The above is the content of this maintenance update.

Adventurers are also requested to continue to support "LUNA: Mobile"

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