4/2 update notice

2 Apr 2024
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Dear adventurers:
First of all, thank you for your support and love for our game, We feel extremely honored and gratified to have you by our side! Your enthusiastic participation and support are what drives us to persevere.

We attach great importance to every adventurer’s gaming experience. Thank you to all the adventurers who are willing to provide suggestions, Let our games be constantly adjusted and improved. We also hope that adventurers can continue to support us, We will continue to work hard to optimize the game experience and improve game quality. Let you enjoy more exciting game content.

Please know that we take all adventurers seriously! Therefore, we will make the first major update at 11:00 am on 4/3 (Wednesday). The update operation is expected to be completed within 60 minutes. If completed earlier, the computer will be powered on earlier! We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

#update content
•New profession available: Double Sword Master/Human
•Increased item drop rate
> The drop rate of general map equipment has been increased
> New enhanced fossil drops on PK map
•Character ability improvement
> When the character is upgraded, the character’s qualifications will be greatly improved
> Instantly increase the corresponding ability value according to the current level of the character
•Exchange opening level adjusted to level 55
•Festival login event (4/2 00:00 - 4/7 23:59) •New server opening: Eclipse

Thank you for your support and love, and I wish you have fun playing the game!
Please continue to support "LUNA: Mobile" in the future!

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