4/11 Update Notice

10 Apr 2024
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Dear adventurers~

The server will undergo routine maintenance from 09:00 to 12:00 on 2024/4/11 (Thursday). The maintenance time may be adjusted based on actual operating conditions. During the maintenance period, you will not be able to log in to play the game, and no storage will be provided. The launch time for value and transfer points and other related services will be announced separately, so please pay attention, thank you!

This #update content is as follows

◈Game system

①Chat level restrictions

    - World dialogue window and server dialogue window chat restriction level: Lv30

② Clothing decomposition

    - Added decomposition props

    - Only the costumes obtained from summons can be disassembled (the costumes obtained from events cannot be disassembled)

③ Add S and RS level pets/riding pet summoning stones

    - S level summoning stone: A -> When the S level synthesis fails, you can get a "pet/riding pet summoning stone containing the royal power spell"

    - RS level summoning stone: S-> When the synthesis of RS level fails, you can get a "pet/riding pet summoning stone containing legendary spells"

④ Increase the intensity of infinite tower rewards

⑤ Increase the appearance frequency of wild bosses

    - Shorten the time interval between the appearance of wild bosses in the map after the Valley of the Wind

    - Original 6-8 hours shortened to 4-6 hours

⑥ Modify the monster fragment icon

    -The monster fragment icon is modified into a puzzle shape to facilitate distinction.

⑦ Modify express box display information

    -When entering the express box, "View only items that can be collected" will be automatically selected

    - After clicking "Receive All", you will automatically receive all available products (skipping unavailable products)

    - If the product is a character-limited product, the characters who can receive the product will be displayed.

⑧ The dual sword master equipment production function is now available


① Added 4 new gift packages

    - New Moon Jewelry Value Gift Pack, Royal Certified Badge Value Gift Pack, [Event] Golden Horn Value Gift Pack, Upgraded Comprehensive Value Gift Pack

    - Each gift pack can be purchased 5 times per character per day

② Add 1 MyCard exclusive gift package

    -Classic gold coin gift pack

③ Add S and RS level pets/riding pet summoning stones to ensure you get the goods

    -Use 20 pet summoning stones containing legendary spells to get 1 RS level pet

    - Use 20 riding pet summoning stones containing legendary spells to get 1 RS riding pet.

    -Use 20 pet summoning stones containing royal power spells to get 1 S-level pet

    - Use 20 riding pet summoning stones containing the royal power spell to get 1 S-level riding pet.

④Add luxury complete sets of clothing to ensure you get the goods

    - Use 320 legendary satins to get 1 luxurious outfit

⑤ Add products with reward points

    - Millionaire Outfit

◈bug fixes

① When collecting a collection with 6 props, if you equip the 6th prop, you will find that the collection failed after logging in again >> Function has been fixed

② When riding a pet, the character occasionally disappears and cannot be seen. >> The function has been fixed

The above is the content of this maintenance update.

If you have any comments or questions, please let us know

We attach great importance to the gaming experience of all adventurers

Will continue to optimize game content and correct problems

Adventurers are also requested to continue to support "LUNA: Mobile"

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